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More Useful Stuff

A2023 Set of Bottles £2.95


Useful set of plastic bottles with metal and plastic nozzles and cleaning needles. Large bottle idea for painting mediums, smaller bottles can be used for enamel work, using the metal fitments to give more control when doing detailed work.

A066 Magic Compass £12.95


Use this special compass to draw perfect circles. Non slip foot for holding steady on your china. Can be used with a variety of tools such as pencils and some wipe outs.

A060 Brush Mat £4.95

Brush Mat

The ideal way to store your brushes just place them into the pockets and roll up the matand then secure with tie.

A067 Multi brush pen set £12.95

Multi Brush / Pen Set

Easy to hold handle makes this tool ideal for all china painters and a great help for arthritis sufferers. This very useful multibrush/ pen comes with a set of tools comprising of: wax pencil, rubber wipe out, wooden wipe out, 2 x china painting pen nibs, 10/0 short haired brush, 0 short haired brush, 10/0 long haired brush and 0 long haired brush. .

Enamel Badge

A064 Colourful Enamel Badge Brooch with gilt edges £3.50

Enamel Badge

A064 Colourful Enamel Badge Brooch with gilt edges £3.50

A064 Enamel painting badge £3.50

Colourful Painting Palette – Enamel Badge With Glit Edges

Code A064 Pin this artist’s palette to your jacket

Price £3.50

P4280 Oil Well £3.95

Porcelain Oil Well

Oil well with groove for brush rest 14 x 11 cm P4280

P4315 Porcelain Pallette £5.50

Porcelain palette with 12 wells – lid is glazed so ideal for use as a palette for china paints, or watercolours.

10.5cm x 8.5cm. P4315.

PA2020 Square Pallette ££9.50

PA2020 Square shaped plastic palette with push fit lid – includes grid and insert for paint. 30.5cm x 30.5cm.

PA3040 Storage box £2.20

PA3040 Storage box with 18 compartments, will hold mixed paints or small screw top jars. 21 x 12 cm and 3.5 cm deep.

Jars to store mixed Paint

A013 Small screw top jars £0.40 each

A013 small screw top jars £0.40