Westfield House

China Painting Accessories

A012 Plate Lining tool (metal) £3.95

Bits and Pieces

A037 Plate Lining tool (plastic) £0.60

A036 Pipette £0.60

A030 Rubber Kidney for decals £2.95

Sandpaper /Graphite Paper etc.

A001 Very fine sandpaper per sheet £0.70

A039 Sponge Sander £0.70

A002A Book (25 sheets) acetate paper £20.00

A100 Good Quality Tracing Paper £0.25

A101 Quality Tracing Paper £11.00

A003 Graphite paper (grey) £0.65

A041 Red Saral Graphite paper £0.65

Kiln Accessories

K011 Kiln Bat Wash 80g £0.95

For Gold

A008 Burnish Sand 20g £1.25

A006 Gold Rubber £1.20

A025 Burnishing Tool £4.25

A056 Hopper pen for gold £9.95


A013 Small plastic screw top jar 5ml £0.40

A007 Dumpy jar with snap on lid £0.50

Palette Knives and Sponges

A020 Small palette knife £2.00

A009 Giant flat sponge £1.50

Pens and Pencils

A071 Pen Holder with extra fine nib £3.95

A072 Extra nib for A071 £0.70

A080 Drawing pen with gold coloured nib £2.50

A081 Extra nib for A080£0.85

A005 Stabilo 8008 pencil £1.00

A004 Stabilo 8046 pencil £1.00

A099 Red graphite pencil £1.00

A091 White graphite pencil £1.00

A022 Double ended sylus £2.95

Wipe Outs

A017 Wipe out tool with stippler £2.50

A0512 Large double ended wipe out tool £3.75

A026 Small wipe out tool £1.30

A026D Small double ended wipe out tool £2.20

A027 Medium soft double ended WOT £2.95

A073 Pink med/soft double ended WOT chisel and point £2.95

Dichroic and Fusible Glass

Dichroic and fusible glass

Dichroic glass firing mat