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China and Porcelain Painting Books



The Magic Of China Painting

by Celia Shute

This book contains a collection of beautiful work, (illustrated in colour) alon with step by step instructions and tracings, information on kilns, hints on lustres, how to paint roses, portraits and many more projects.

70 pages which will inspire a wide audience from the absolute beginner, to the more confident and advanced painter.

Code BK001 £12.50 (B)


Painting Animals and Birds on China

by Celia Shute

This beautiful book is full of colour illustrations on how to paint life likeanimals and birds. From pets to stunningwildlife. A must for any china painters library.

Codde BK208 £17.95 (B)


Gold and Modern Techniques

by Celia Shute

This book is packed with designs and hints showing how to create different effects using a variety of modern technique. This 60 page, full colour book is a must for anyone who wants to explore their creativety using a variety of exciting methods.

Code BK500 £14.95 (B)


Painting Portraits

by Jane Marcks

This book teaches you how to paint beautiful portraits using new techniques.

Code BK014 £16.50 (B)


Portraits Plus

by Jane Marcks

This book explains techniques to help you advance your skills and includes many colour and black and white illustrations.

Code BK017 £16.50 (B)


Porcelain Painting on Floral Motif

by Kyung Hee Hwang

Beautiful hard backed book, 118 pages, some line drawings and general instructions. Most of the lovely colour pages feature Kyung Hee Hwangs own work, but there are also designs from other Korean artists and some International artists. Afantastic book to add to your china painting library.

Code BK2022 £28.00 (B)


Porcelain Painting - Fire Your Fantasy

by Paola Cenciarelli

Aninspiring and innovative book, featuring work from this highly regarded Italian painter. Her porcelain chess figures are now on permanant display in the "Arti Del Fuoco" museum near Milan Instuctions on how to use gold leaf, marbling liquid, I relief, sand and much more..

Code BK0810 £24.95 (B)


Porcelain Painting - The Colour Flow

by Keiko Shimizu

Keiko Shimizu is a master painter in traditional as well as modern compositions. She is a specialist in lustre work, both on technical and an inventive level. There are more than 30 single works in the book: Flowers, portraits, animals, landscapes, etc.

Code BK2011 £26.00 (B)


Symphony of Colour

by Susanne Reisser

Susanne has given seminars in her studio in Germany for the last twenty years and has already written two books about porcelain painting. Her themes have been inspired by her own personal experiences and are carefully composed, often winning prizes for exceptional work. There are step by step instructions for her new and exciting ideas.

Code BK910 £26.00 (B)


Classical China Painting

by Doris Vetsch-Gerber

This stunning book is full of the most beautiful designs, traditional flowers, landscapes etc. With intricate, detailed borders and embellishments. The gold and penwork is so lovely and delicate, giving a fantastic finish to the pieces. Fantastic mix of the traditional with modern techniches.Code BK2012 £22.50 (B)


Porcelain Painting - A Passion for Roses

by Melanie Foster

New and unusual ways to incorporate beautiful rose designs into your work. Full colour studies with instructions for each design. Great book for inspiring yo to try different design ideas .Code BK821 £24.95 (B)



by Peter Faust

This new biik by Peter Faust and Harun Aschrafi is packed full of new and innovative ideas to inspire your china painting. The designs are created using I relief, metalic colours, dichroic film, precious stones and glass. Beautiful colour pictures and tips on techniques. Such as how to paint realistic looking precious gem stones, make this a must have addition to your china painting library. .Code BK5000 £28.95 (B)


Porcelain Painting

by Melanie Foster

Fantastic book displaying a photorealistic style of painting animals. The book contains lots of different designs with how to instructions and lots of tips on getting over the difficulties sometimes encountered when painting animals, such as "getting the eyes right". BK555 £28.95 (B)


Porcelain Painting Traditional and Imagination

by Petra and Jorg Kugelmeier

Tradition and Imagination is full of beautifully painted birds, landscapes and flowers. Both of the artists featured in this book were trained at the Meissen factory and this shows in the designs featured in this book. A good mix of traditional and modern with some great tips on different techniques and how to paint particular subjects. right".      BK811 £28.95 (B)


A Touch of Lace

by Shuko Kishida

Learn how to create beautiful lace effect designs on your china. Intricate and colourful designs to get your imagination working so that you can embelish your own work in new and different ways. Lots of lovely colour pictures and how to instructions.      BK1500 £26.00 (B)



by Di Curyin

Di Curtin is an artist and teacher from Australia and this book showcases the great variety of her work. The book contains some lovely, original designs, with tips on mixing mediums and paints and step by step instructions for many of of the designs. The book is a nice mix of realistic pieces and modern techniques. Something to inspire everyone.    BK444 £28.95 (B)